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Anginova Lozenges 20'

ANGINOVA LOZENGES 20' Anginova contains Dequalinium chloride 0.25 mg and Lidocaine hydrochloride 1 mg. Is used for treatment of acute and chronic diseases in the mouth and throat area. ..

BHD 1.360

Auge Care Eye Drops 0.35ml

AUGE CARE EYE DROPS 0.35ML For Dry Eye and Contact Lenses . Vitamin B5 or Pantothenic Benefits of Vitamin B5 Anti-stress Allergy Control Strengthens nerves and muscles Benefits of Vitamin B5..

BHD 8.900

Axe Inhaler

AXE INHALER Clears blocked nose. ..

BHD 0.496

Homeomedica Burns Ointment 30 Gm

HOMEOMEDICA BURNS OINTMENT 30 GM Natural ingredients to heal burns and scalds. ..

BHD 1.800

Available inside Bahrain only
Mebo Ointment 30 G

Mebo Ointment 30 G

Composition : MEBO is of natural and herbal edible O(lgln, It IS composed of B·sitosterol 0.25% as the main active ingredient. The base of the Ointment IS composed of sesame oil and bee..

BHD 4.575

Mebo Scar Ointment 30 G

Inhibits hyperplasia of fibroblasts which results in scar formation Promotes epithelial cell growth so as to maintain a normal, balanced ratio of fibroblasts to epithelial cells Promotes remodeling o..

BHD 7.775

Nicotinel Tts-10 17.5mg 7 Transdermal Sy

NICOTINEL TTS-10 17.5MG 7 TRANSDERMAL SY Nicotine patches of the skin to reduce the desire to smoke. Reduces need for smoking, contains Nicotin. ..

BHD 5.910

Procto Lysyal Cream 30 Ml

PROCTO LYSYAL CREAM 30 ML For treatment of Hemarroids. ..

BHD 26.000

Senfy Vaginal Wash

SENFY  VAGINAL WASH  Intimate Feminine Wash. ..

BHD 4.950

Soavi Dermo Active 250ml

SOAVI DERMO ACTIVE 250ML For hygiene in the presence of inflammation or mild loss in menstrual periods, in normal menstrual cycles;  hygiene in the period before and after childbirth; fo..

BHD 7.350

Surgical Spirit 200ml (med Pharma)

SURGICAL SPIRIT 200ml (Med Pharma) SURGICAL SPIRIT contains Ethyl Alcohol and Methyl Alcohol, used for disinfection and other medical uses. ..

BHD 0.850

Teejel Gel 10g

Description: Mundipharma Teejel Gel 10g Detailed Description: Each 1 g gel contains: choline salicylate 87.1 mg; ethanol 96% 38.2% m/m. Pack size: 10g Quantity in..

BHD 1.985

Thera Tears Liquid Gel 24 S

THERA TEARS LIQUID GEL 24 S Thera tears Liquid Gel Is Just The Right Thickness to Provide A Less Blurring, Non-Crusting, Protective Film That Is Ideal For Nighttime Use. It Is Also Ideal For ..

BHD 7.000

Tonimer Nasal Gel

TONIMER NASAL GEL For cleansing and hydrating the nasal cavity. Tonimer Gel used In irritations caused by cold, dry and impure air Tonimer Gel used In nasal mucosa diseases (Allergic rhin..

BHD 2.200

Tylenol Forte 500mg 20's

TYLENOL FORTE 500MG 20'S Pain reliever and fever reducer. TYLENOL brings fast and effective relief without irritating the stomach the way other pain relievers might do. The pure pain ..

BHD 1.009