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Auge Natural Eye Drop 10 Ml

AUGE NATURAL EYE DROP For Dry Eye and Contact Lenses Wearer. It consists of Hyalornite 1 mg / ml Sodium carbonate Sodium Chloride The most important material in its composition Sodium halonat..

BHD 6.900

Available inside Bahrain only
Borox Ear Spray 50 Ml

Borox Ear Spray 50 Ml

BOROX EAR SPRAY 50 ML Reduces bacterial and fungal infections in ear canal, often cause of irritation and inflammation and removes earwax excesses thanks to the combined action of Boric Acid and..

BHD 4.000

Ch-alpha Fortigel Vials 30's

It helps to regenerate the natural cartilage (a kind of dense connective tissue that lies between the joints of the bone is the production of a substance for the possibility of moving bones) and rebu..

BHD 32.000

Enelfa-125 Suppos. 10'

ENELFA-125 SUPPOS. 10' Contains 125 mg Paracetamol, Pain reliever and fever reducer. Pharmacological action Analgesic-antipyretic. It has analgesic, antipyretic and weak anti-inflammatory actio..

BHD 0.620

Enelfa-500 Suppos. 10'

ENELFA-500 SUPPOS. 10' Contains 500 mg Paracetamol, Pain reliever and fever reducer. ..

BHD 0.830

Ibutop Gel 50 G

IBUTOP GEL 50 G Topical Anti-inflammatory and pain reliever. For local relief of pain and inflammation associated with rheumatic and muscular disorders and soft tissue injuries such as acute st..

BHD 1.779

Isla Moos Lozenges30'

ISLA MOOS LOZENGES 30' Contains pure herbal ingredients coat and moisten the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract, reduce inflammation, eliminate dryness and burning sensation, help to r..

BHD 1.700

Konicare Ocean Fresh 25 Ml

KONICARE OCEAN FRESH 25 ML Spray , Nasal decongestant. ..

BHD 3.950

Medacid Plus Suspension 200 Ml

 Medacid Plus Suspension is a medicine that is used for the treatment of Painful pressure, Hiccups, Gastric acid, Heartburn, Peptic ulcer pain, Sour stomach and other conditions. The complete l..

BHD 0.510

Otosan Ear Spray

OTOSAN EAR SPRAY Organic plant extracts is an innovative product for removing earwax and for daily ear hygiene. ..

BHD 4.500

Resolve Nappy Rash 100g

RESOLVE NAPPY RASH 100 g Anti-fungal Nappy rash cream. For Fungal Infected Nappy Rash. Resolve Nappy Rash is formulated for the effective treatment of fungal infected nappy rash. ..

BHD 3.715

Solcoseryl Jelly 20g

SOLCOSERYL JELLY 20G For weeping wounds and burns. contain a haemodialysate from calves blood promote healing for treating minor and poorly healing wounds and ulcers of the skin is used ..

BHD 2.220

Tylenol 350mg Suppos. 10'

TYLENOL 350MG SUPPOS. 10' Especially to treat children’s pain and fever. Effective Relief for     Headache       Influenza     Myalgia ..

BHD 1.650