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Fastum Gel 50g

QUALITATIVE AND QUANTITATIVE COMPOSITION Fastum Gel contains Ketoprofen 2.5% w/w. For the full list of excipients, see section 6.1. .Therapeutic indications     For local r..

BHD 2.560

Hema Gel 30 Gm

    It accelerates the healing of wounds by up to 50%     Due to its structure it does not penetrate the organism, so it is suitable for:      ..

BHD 24.500

Isla Moos Lozenges30'

ISLA MOOS LOZENGES 30' Contains pure herbal ingredients coat and moisten the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract, reduce inflammation, eliminate dryness and burning sensation, help to r..

BHD 1.700

Lactofair Sachets 20's

Lactofair : the first nutritional product supporting breastfeeding ..

BHD 8.800

Lichensed Nasal Spray 15 Ml

LICHENSED NASAL SPRAY 15 ML Lichensed is a nasal cleansing spray, containing saline which relieves nasal blockage, polysaccharides which moisturize and protect nasal mucosa.  Essential oil..

BHD 3.500

Moov Cream 100g

MOOV CREAM 100g Quick relief from pain in the muscles and joints A topical multifunctional preparation for the treatment of joint pain, inflammation, back pain, twisting of joints, muscle inflamm..

BHD 1.920

Normacol Granules Sachets (30 S)

What is Normacol? Normacol is a type of medicine known as a bulk-forming laxative. These m..

BHD 3.950

Prospan Suppositories 10 S

PROSPAN  SUPPOSITORIES 10 S For Acute inflammation of the respiratory tract accompanied by coughing; symptomatic relief of chronic inflammatory bronchial diseases. Prospan is a traditio..

BHD 1.000

Sensikin Gel 15 Ml

SENSIKIN GEL 15 ML Relief of dental hypersensitivity. Relief of Dental hypersensitivity. This product is characterized by the addition of a quantity of potassium nitrite, which is a..

BHD 1.785

Star Balm White 25g

STAR BALM WHITE 25G For injury treatment in case of muscular pain, teared muscles or sore muscles and joints. ..

BHD 0.900

Trachitol Lozenges20'

TRACHITOL LOZENGES20' Topically used to treat inflammation and infection in the mouth and throat, to prevent infection before and after surgery in the mouth and throat. It has antimicrobia..

BHD 0.670