Pantogar Caps.90'

Pantogar Caps.90'

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Supplement for hair and nails.

The No. 1 against diffuse hair loss*

Patients in 39 countries benefit from the effectiveness of Pantogar, making Pantogar world market leader in the treatment of diffuse hair loss – with good reason!
Gain control of your hair loss with Pantogar!

Pantogar contains a unique, highly concentrated active substance complex which stops hair loss and increases the metabolic activity of the hair root. This stimulates the hair cells to divide and form new cells and the hair returns to the active growth phase.

The effectiveness of Pantogar against hair loss has been proven in numerous clinical studies. Physicians and pharmacists worldwide recommend Pantogar as a dependable medical treatment for diffuse hair loss.
Reasons to use Pantogar: Stops hair loss, Increases metabolic activity, Activates cell division, stimulates hair growth.

Active substances make Pantogar effective
A unique combination of active substances reactivates the natural function of the hair root.

Diffuse hair loss occurs because of a disruption in the hair growth cycle. If the hair root is not well nourished or is weakened through illness or stress, metabolic activity decreases, cell division declines and the growth phase of the hair is reduced. This leads to an imbalance between anagen hair (= growing hair) and telogen hair (= shedding hair) and more hair falls out than grows back.

This is where Pantogar comes in: Pantogar contains a specifically formulated combination of active substances which reactivate the natural function of the hair root, stopping hair loss. Cell division is stimulated and the hair switches from the resting phase back to the active growth phase.
Which active substances are necessary to stop hair loss?

In order to stop diffuse hair loss, hair must be brought back to the growth phase. To achieve this, the hair root needs a range of active substances which support the metabolism of the hair and form the basis for healthy new growth.

Pantogar’s anti-hair loss formula contains a unique, specifically formulated active substance complex proven to stop hair loss and stimulate healthy hair growth.
How the Pantogar anti-hair loss formula works

The anti-hair loss formula in Pantogar is special because of its unique combination of specifically formulated active substances.

    Cystine is the main component of hair keratin, it promotes the natural function of the hair root and has an antioxidative effect, acting as a free radicle scavenger
    Thiamine increases the metabolic activity of the hair root
    Calcium pantothenate (vitamin B5) supports the energy metabolism in hair cell reproduction, stimulates cell division and supports the regeneration of existing cells
    Medicinal yeast provides trace elements and vitamins, activates the metabolism and stimulates the formation of new hair cells
    Keratin is the main component in every hair and is an essential building block for healthy hair
    Para-aminobenzoic acid has a positive effect on the pigmentation of the hair

All of the active substances in Pantogar are present in high doses and together have been proven to support the natural function of the hair root by activating the metabolism and stimulating the formation of new hair cells. The hair returns to the active growth phase, hair loss is halted, and new healthy hair grows back. Unlike food supplements, Pantogar is a medication available only in pharmacies without prescription.

How to use Pantogar correctly

Take one Pantogar capsule three times per
day for 3-6 months. Pantogar should be
swallowed whole with a little liquid.
The key to success is patience

The treatment period is related to the growth cycle: hair growth and hair loss are a slow process and it can take some weeks for a telogen hair to actually fall out. This means that even after the start of treatment, hairs which were already in “shedding mode” before the start of treatment may fall out.

During treatment with Pantogar, the metabolism of the hair root is activated directly and the formation of new cells is stimulated. Hair loss is halted and the hair returns to the growth phase, restoring the natural balance. However, as hair only grows around one centimeter per month, it takes a few months for the success of the treatment to become visible.

Remember that everybody is unique, so Pantogar takes effect at a different speed – depending on the phase of life most of your hair is currently in and how quickly it reacts to the supply of active substances.
Patience pays off

Give your hair the time it needs naturally to grow back healthy and strong. Join the many women who have said goodbye to hair loss with Pantogar.

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