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Pharmaceris Body-ichtilium Soothing Body Cream 175ml

Pharmaceris Body-ichtilium Soothing Body Cream 175ml Recommended for skin care, skin with psoriatic and for people with excessive dryness of the skin. It soothes and reduces itching, nourishes a..

BHD 13.500

Pharmaceris Acne Point Spot Treatment Gel

PHARMACERIS ACNE POINT SPOT TREATMENT GEL For immediate Anti-acne action. ..

BHD 7.200

Pharmaceris Body & Scalp Cleansing Gel 175 Ml

PHARMACERIS BODY & SCALP CLEANSING GEL 175 ML A specialized  gel  recommended for washing psoriatic skin of the  scalp  and  body .  ..

BHD 8.700

Pharmaceris Face & Eye Whitwning Cleansing Foam 150 Ml

Removes impurities and make-up, brightens the skin, soothes irritation and moisturizes the skin. ..

BHD 6.800

Pharmaceris Sebo Pure Skin Soln 100 Ml

PHARMC. SEBO PURE SKIN SOLN 100 ML Contains 3% mandelic acid which exfoliates dead skin cells, unblocking skin pores and Lemon extract and fruit peel which brighten discolourations and ev..

BHD 8.500

Pharmaceris Sebo Puri Deep Cleanser. Face Gel 190 Ml

PHARMC SEBO PURI DEEP CLNS. FACE GEL 190 ML Contains Mandelic acid, Sodium salicylate and Mango wax which gently exfoliate dead skin cells, unclog pores and effectively removes impurities an..

BHD 5.600