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Qv Baby 2 In 1 Shampoo & Conditioner 200ml

Description : Tear-Free Gently cleanses and conditions hair QV Baby 2 in 1 Shampoo & Conditioner is a gentle, tear-free foaming formula, suitable to use daily for cleansing and conditioning..

BHD 3.800

Qv Baby Barrier Cream 100 Gram

Description  : Zinc Oxide 15% Soothes baby’s skin and helps protect against nappy rash QV Baby Barrier Cream is a soothing, rich, protective barrier cream that helps protect baby’s delicat..

BHD 5.800

Qv Baby Skin Lotion 250 Ml

Description  : Mild cleansing for hair and body A gentle, soap-free cleanser for delicate skin. Helps maintain hydration during cleansing so baby’s skin is left clean and soft. QV Baby Gentl..

BHD 5.400

Qv Face Revitalising Eye Cream 15 Gm

Description: QV Face Revitalising Eye Cream, with Enhanced PCa+, visibly minimises dark circles and puffiness. Safflower Oil helps replenish the natural moisture level of the skin to improve elast..

BHD 8.900

Qv Baby Bar 100 Gram

Description : Refreshes delicate skin soap free pH balanced to help maintain the skin’s natural protection. Soaps have a higher pH which may irritate. Refresh your baby’s skin with QV Baby Bar..

BHD 2.900

Qv Baby Bath Oil 250ml

Description : Water Dispersible Cleanses & Moisturises QV Baby Bath Oil is a clear, non-greasy water dispersible formula which helps visibly rejuvenate large areas of dry or sensitive skin. QV ..

BHD 5.100

Qv Body Lotion 500 Ml

DESCRIPTION : Non-greasy lotion for dry, sensitive skin. QV Skin Lotion helps prevent  and soothe dry skin. With a luxuriously light formulation, it’s easy to apply to all parts of the body...

BHD 10.800

Qv Face Night Cream - 50 Gm

Description: Safflower oil replenishes lost moisture, visibly improving your skin’s elasticity and helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Used nightly, you can wake up to vis..

BHD 12.000

Qv Gentle Wash 250 Ml

QV Gentle Wash 250 ML Soap free. Re-hydrate the skin.     Recommended for cleansing very dry skin as it contains a higher concentration of moisturiser than QV Wash.   &n..

BHD 6.250

Qv Kids Cleansing Bar Soap Free - 100mg

Description: QV Kids Bar is a fun way for children to gently cleanse their face and body without drying the skin. Suitable for dry, sensitive skin. Benefits: For those who prefer a cleanser that ..

BHD 3.200

Qv Wash 500 Ml

QV Wash 500 ML Cleanser, soap free, suitable for all skin types. Re-hydrate your skin soap free. QV Gentle Wash is designed for dry, sensitive skin. It works to maintain hydr..

BHD 9.250

Qv. Intensive Cleanser 250ml

Q.V.INTENSIVE CLEANSER 250 ml Moisturising cleanser for the extremely dry skin. A gentle and soap-free cleanser that’s ideal for extremely dry and sensitive skin..

BHD 6.000

Qv.bath Oil - 250ml

 Description: Helps Revive dry skin in the bath ,hydrate your skin QV Bath Oil’s whole-body moisture replenishment helps to restore your skin’s natural suppleness and healthy glow. Clear, non-..

BHD 5.300

Qv.face Cleanser - 250 Ml

Description: Enriched with Safflower oil, this gentle and lightly foaming cleanser is ideal for dry and sensitive skin types. Use morning and night for a healthy glow and soft, supple skin. Added..

BHD 7.900

Qv.face Exfoliating Polish - 150gm

Description: Embrace fresh, glowing skin with QV Face Exfoliating Polish. The dual-action formulation exfoliates and cleanses. The added Avemide 15 calms and soothes skin and safflower oil repleni..

BHD 7.100