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Sesderma C-vit Facial Liposomal Serum

SESDERMA C-VIT FACIAL LIPOSOMAL SERUM  Is an Hydrating anti-aging facial serum, suitable for all skin types. ..

BHD 25.900

Sesderma Repaskin Silk Touch Facial Sunscreen 50ml

Description Sesderma  Repaskin sunscreen spf 50 Very high protection against sun radiation Prevents sunburns and skin erythema thanks to its combination of physical and chemical filters. Rep..

BHD 14.900

Sesderma Seskavel Anti Hair Loss Lotion 200ml

Description Seskavel Hair Lotion improves the appearance of fragile and weak hair. Suitable for dry and damaged hair, with moisturizing and refreshing properties. How to use: Shake before use. ..

BHD 19.800

Sesderma Hidraloe Moisturising Face Cream

SESDERMA HIDRALOE MOISTURISING FACE CREAM Ideal for the care of dry and sensitive skin, therapy for the prevention and reduction of wrinkles and sagging. ..

BHD 9.900

Sesderma Seslash Lash & Eyebrow Booster Serum 5ml

Description SESDERMA SESLASH LASH & EYEBROW BOOSTER SERUM Increase the diameter of your eyelashes: MORE VOLUME DENSER AND LONGER Nourishes and conditions your lashes to prevent them from bre..

BHD 25.000

Sesderma Azelac Lotion

SESDERMA AZELAC LOTION Prevention and treatment of oily and acne-prone skin. ..

BHD 11.900

Sesderma Azelac Ru Lipsomal Serum 30ml

Description Intensive depigmenting serum with a high concentration of active ingredients which, thanks to nanotechnology, act directly on the origin of the blemishes. Dry, combination and oily skin..

BHD 25.900