Skin Care
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Transformulas Marine Miracle Crème 15 Ml

Description     Ultra Hydrating skin feels smoother and softer     Rich in vitamins C & E     Promotes cell structure & rejuvenation  &..

BHD 30.000

Clean And Clear Deep Cleansing Foam Wash 150 Ml

A deep clean that doesn’t dry the skin. Those looking for an especially gentle, non-drying cleanse. This gentle, self-foaming facial wash is..

BHD 2.950

Noreva Exfoliac Acnomega 100 30 Ml

EXFOLIAC ACNOMEGA 100 30 ML Contains (alpha-omega hydroxy acid) which has kerato-active effect (on superfacial and deep dead cells) combined with oil-production control and antibacterial action. ..

BHD 9.900

Beauty Formulas Coconut Milk Facial Scrub 150ml

DESCRIPTION: Beauty Formulas Coconut Milk Facial scrub helps to clear impurities leaving your skin more radiant looking. The coconut milk refines the skin texture leaving it feeling smoother an..

BHD 1.600

Beauty Formulas Deep Cleansing Seaweed Clay Mask - 100ml

Description: Contains bentonite, one of the best clays for a mask Skin looks cleaner and tighter after use. Pores look absolutely clean and appear smaller. Great for use before applying makeup ..

BHD 1.600

Dermopurifiante Exfoliator 50 Ml


BHD 15.000

Eladerm Cream

ELADERM CREAM Stretch Marks cream. ..

BHD 23.000

Glutamax Underarm And Inner Thigh 30 Gm Cream

GLUTAMAX UNDERARM AND INNER THIGH 30 GM CREAM - GlutaMAX Underarm and Inner Thigh Cream is the ultimate solution for lightening your dark spots, powered by advance and premium formulations fr..

BHD 8.000

Mediheal Capsule 100 Bio Seconderm Hydro 2 Step Face Mask Moisturized Skincare

This mask supplies nutrition and moisture quickly to prevent moisture loss with long-lasting effect. It absorbs dead skin and impurities. ..

BHD 2.990

Noreva Exfoliac Sunblock 40 Ml Fluid Spf 50

EXFOLIAC SUNBLOCK 40 ML SPF 50 protects against sun with anti-shine effect for oily skin. ..

BHD 14.000

Noreva Trio White Day Cream 30 Ml

NOREVA TRIO WHITE DAY CREAM 30 ML Formulated to combat the development of brown spots on a daily basis and correct existing spots on all types of skin. ..

BHD 19.900

Placentor Ultra-moist Regenerating Cream 200 Ml

PLACENTOR ULTRA-MOIST REGENERATING CREAM 200 ML Is a day/night cream which intensively moisturises and nourishes dry skin. ..

BHD 11.500

Rexsol Vit-c Facial Cleanser 240ml

REX VIT-C FACIAL CLEANSER 240ml Gently purifies, moisturizes and refreshes skin. It also can be used as a makeup remover. ..

BHD 7.300

Tisserand De-stress Rollre Ball Oil - 10ml

Description: Tisserand De-Stress Aromatherapy Oil roll on remedy is supportive & comforting to restore peace of mind. Tisserand De-Stress oil is ideal for frazzled moments when calm is needed...

BHD 4.100

Transformulas Facecontour & Tightening Cream 15ml

Description     Encourages cell renewal to reduce signs of ageing     Brightens and firming actions     Lifts tired and slackened jowls   ..

BHD 18.000