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Tisserand Aromatherapy Travel Ease Essential Oil Roll On Remedy - 10 Ml

Description: Refreshing & awakening with Grapefruit & Bergamot Mint ..

BHD 3.700

Tisserand Balancing Tea Tree Lemon And Rosemary Conditioner - 150ml

Description: Lightweight, to restore equilibrium and shine without heaviness Ideal for normal or oily hair / flaky scalp Balancing organic tea-tree oil Refreshing organic lemon oil Revitalisin..

BHD 3.900

Tisserand Bergamot Organic Essential Oil 9ml

Description Extracted from the rind of the fruit grown in Italy, bergamot is ideal for vaporization to freshen a room and uplift the emotions. Blends well with frankincense, geranium and lemongra..

BHD 6.000

Tisserand Essential Oil Rich Rejuvenating Shower Gel 175ml

Description Treat your skin and indulge your senses with this Tisserand Rejuvenating Shower And Bath Wash enriched with essential oils and filled with the goodness from Mother Nature that’s been org..

BHD 4.450

Tisserand Grapefruit Organic Essential Oil - 9 Ml

Description: Organic Grapefruit Pure Essential Oil 9 ml Sharp, refreshing and euphoric Bittersweet citrus aroma to rejuvenate the spirit and senses Free from artificial fragrances and parabens ..

BHD 3.800

Tisserand Head Clear Roll On Remedy - 10ml

Description: When you feel stressed and pressured and your head feels heavy, using Tisserand Head Clear Aromatherapy Roller Ball gives cooling and soothing relief and helps you find inner balance...

BHD 3.700

Tisserand Indulgent Bath Soak 210ml

DESCRIPTION Tisserand Indulgent Bath Soak – Essential Oil Rich is an exotic and sensual combination of hibiscus, geranium and violet leaf essential oils will leave your skin smooth as silk and lo..

BHD 5.250

Tisserand Neroli & Sandalwood Deodorant 50ml

Description Stay fresh and confident with naturally pure neroli and sandalwood deodorant. Floral neroli, comforting sandalwood and uplifting bergamot essential oils blended with a skin-friendly natu..

BHD 3.335

Tisserand Neroli & Sandalwood The Bath Soak 200ml

DESCRIPTION Tisserand Aromatherapy Neroli & Sandalwood The Bath Soak has been expertly blended using pure essential oils of soft, floral Neroli, rich Sandalwood, sensual Ylang Ylang and uplif..

BHD 5.905

Tisserand Orange Organic Essential Oil 9ml

 Description Extracted from the rind of the fruit grown in Italy, orange is ideal for vaporisation to uplift the mind and revitalize the senses. Blends well with frankincense, citronella and gi..

BHD 3.045

Tisserand Patchouli Organic Essential Oil - 9ml

Description: Extracted from the leaves of the herb grown in Indonesia, Patchouli is an earthy, spicy and mystical oil with a sweet woody aroma. Ideal in massage or the bath to unwind the mind and..

BHD 6.000

Tisserand Realax Essential Oil Rich Bath Soak - 210ml

Description: Unwinding, soothing and softening, Has mellow citrus aroma with fresh floral note. Nurturing organic bergamot oil, Supportive organic lavender oil, Balancing ethically harvested peti..

BHD 5.250

Tisserand Rose & Geranium Leaf The Bath Soak 200ml

DESCRIPTION Tisserand Aromatherapy Rose & Geranium Leaf The Bath Soak is bursting with the heavenly fragrance of enriching Rose and balancing Geranium pure essential oils. Expertly blended wi..

BHD 5.905

Tisserand Tea Tree And Aloe Deodorant 50ml

DESCRIPTION Care for your skin with nature’s original guardian, the naturally purifying Tea Tree essential oil. Its powerful force is complemented by the calming essence of Aloe Vera for unrivale..

BHD 3.335

Tisserand Tea Tree Deodorant 35ml

DESCRIPTION A natural and effective deodorant, gentle on the skin, with a soothing base that allows the skin to breathe naturally, without blocking the pores. With a refreshing and light aroma inclu..

BHD 3.990

Tisserand Wild Rose Pulse Point Perfume - 10 Ml

Description: Precious French Rose is hand-blended with organic Jojoba, to create an elegant natural perfume. Contains only Pure Essential Oils, not Syntheic Fragrances. ..

BHD 6.700