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Tiss Orange Blossom (neroli) In Organic Jojoba 9ml - Bl302


BHD 5.250

Tisserand Anti-blemish Rollerball Tea-tree & Grapefruit - 10 Ml

Description: Tisserand anti-blemish rollerball helps you achieve flawless skin. The blend of active, natural ingredients soothes oily, congested or blemish-prone skin to promote a clear complexion..

BHD 3.900

Tisserand Aromatherapy Travel Ease Essential Oil Roll On Remedy - 10 Ml

Description: Refreshing & awakening with Grapefruit & Bergamot Mint ..

BHD 3.700

Tisserand Balancing Tea Tree Lemon And Rosemary Conditioner - 150ml

Description: Lightweight, to restore equilibrium and shine without heaviness Ideal for normal or oily hair / flaky scalp Balancing organic tea-tree oil Refreshing organic lemon oil Revitalisin..

BHD 3.900

Tisserand Diet Aid Roll On Remedy - 10 Ml

Description: Ideal for weight control when motivation is needed In neat handbag / cosmetic purse / pocket size. Simply apply to pulse points í wrists, temples and neck í to benefit from the han..

BHD 3.700

Tisserand Energise Roller Ball - 10 Ml

Description: Ideal for tired moments when stamina is needed in a neat handbag / cosmetic purse / pocket size. Euphoric organic bergamot oil Energizing organic grapefruit oil Uplifting organic l..

BHD 3.700

Tisserand Hand & Nail Rejuvenating Cream With Wild Rose & Lemon - 75ml

Description: Tisserand rejuvenating hand cream will leave your hands feeling protected, cared for and supple. Cocoa butter deeply nourishes and hydrates your skin whilst lemon leaf gently tones th..

BHD 4.900

Tisserand Head Clear Roll On Remedy - 10ml

Description: When you feel stressed and pressured and your head feels heavy, using Tisserand Head Clear Aromatherapy Roller Ball gives cooling and soothing relief and helps you find inner balance...

BHD 3.700

Tisserand Lavender And Chamomile Roller Ball - 10 Ml

Description: Comforts and soothes red blotchy or itchy skin Simply apply to temples to relieve everyday tension Comforting organic lavender oil Restorative organic chamomile oil Nourishing organic..

BHD 3.900

Tisserand Realax Essential Oil Rich Bath Soak - 210ml

Description: Unwinding, soothing and softening, Has mellow citrus aroma with fresh floral note. Nurturing organic bergamot oil, Supportive organic lavender oil, Balancing ethically harvested peti..

BHD 5.250

Tisserand Wild Rose Pulse Point Perfume - 10 Ml

Description: Precious French Rose is hand-blended with organic Jojoba, to create an elegant natural perfume. Contains only Pure Essential Oils, not Syntheic Fragrances. ..

BHD 6.700