Travel Aids

Travel Aids
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Siesta Mask Reusable Sleep Mask

Description: One size fits all. Perfect for travel. Helps you sleep better naturally. Soft, comfort padded, lightweight. Adjustable-one size fits all.  ..

BHD 1.550

Ezy-travele Wristband For Motion Sickness

Description: Relieves nausea caused by: Flying, Boating, Driving, Morning Sickness, Chemotherapy, Anesthesia Gently exerts pressure on acupressure point One size fits all ..

BHD 1.300

Go Mosquigotablets - 30tablet

Description: Mosquito repellent tablets For use with our 'Mosqui-Go' diffuser range Each pack contains 30 tablets Each tablet lasts 8-10 hours & treats 30 cubic metres of space Up to 30 ni..

BHD 3.360

Go Soothe Mosquito Bites

Description: Medically proven mosquito bite relief Uses Piezo-Electric technology Reduces swelling & itching 100% Natural & non-allergenic ..

BHD 6.290

Go Travel Body Pouch

Description: Soft & comfy BODY pouch Protects passports, money & other valuables Designed to be worn under clothing Unisex styling ..

BHD 7.340

Go Travel Cable Lock

Description: Combination cable lock Steel cable attaches to any secure fixing Keeps multiple bags secure Easy to set using a code of your choosing ..

BHD 5.985

Go Travel Money Belt Rfid Blocking

Description: Undergarment RFID money belt Protects passports, credit cards & other valuables Blocks illegal RFID scanning equipment Safeguards against identity theft & digital crime So..

BHD 7.340

Go Travel My Date Lock- 5 Dial Design

Description: Revolutionary calendar luggage lock Set using any memorable date Use with birthdays, anniversaries or special occasions Secure 5 dial design ..

BHD 6.290

Go Travel No-key Lock Big Wheel Brass Travel Sentry

Description: Combination padlock with extra large dials Reliable 3 dial design Easy to set using a code unique to you No keys to lose ..

BHD 5.240

Go Travel Refill Liquid Mosquito Defence

Description: Mosquito repellent refill bottle (30ml) For use with our 'Mosqui-Go' diffuser range Emits a bite preventing vapour Lasts for up to 37 nights (12 hours/night) Treats 30 cubic metre..

BHD 3.100

Go Travel Secure Lock

Description: Solid brass luggage lock Supplied with 3 keys Solid, safe & secure Fits most zipped luggage ..

BHD 1.785

Go Travel Sentry Alert

DESCRIPTION : accepted key lock with inspection alert indicator Supplied with an 'alert' reset key & 2 padlock keys Solid, safe & secure Fits most zipped luggage ..

BHD 4.095

Go Travel Suitcase Padlock

Description: Solid brass luggage lock Supplied with 3 keys Solid, safe & secure Fits most zipped luggage ..

BHD 1.785

Pill Collapsible Drinking Cup With Pill Container

Description: This easy to carry cup is ideal for purses, backpacks, briefcases and drawers. Great for traveling! Cup comes inside a small storage container. Open lid, pull sections up and cup is r..

BHD 1.200