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The Trim line of products available at Nasser Pharmacy include foot care, nail care and a wide range of beauty accessories.

Trim Buffer Shape 'n' Shine

Description:          2 surfaces to shape and shine nails, Yellow side shapes nails to desired length. Grey side buffs nails to a glossy shine. One product - two uses. ..

BHD 0.950

Trim Salon Boards - 2 Pcs

Description: Quality emery boards to shape and smooth nails. ..

BHD 1.100

Trim Nail Clipper With File & Chain

Description:          Clips nails cleanly and evenly every time. Precision crafted. Includes nail file. ..

BHD 0.400

Trim Tweezers Easy Hold

DESCRIPTION : Precision tips grasp even the most difficult hairs. easy hold and grasp ..

BHD 0.800

Trim Tweezers Europian

Description: Gold dipped tip Best for fine hairs Perfect for in-growns ..

BHD 1.500

Trim Shaping Razors

DESCRIPTION : Long lasting 3 shaping razors. Shape and remove hair with easy. Easy-to-grip long handle for precision and control. Blade cover for protection between use. ..

BHD 1.450

Trim Nail Clipper Value Pack With Tweezers

Description: Non-Slip grips provide maximum control clippers have precision ground edges for sharp cuts every time. catches nail clippings. slant tweezers have permanently aligned tips to grasp ..

BHD 3.500

Trim Nail Clipper Easy Hold

Description:          Rubberized grip provides maximum control. Precision-ground cutting edge. Catches nail clippings. ..

BHD 0.950

Trim Nail Brush

Description:          Comfortably shaped handle. Quality bristles. To clean the nails and between them. ..

BHD 0.600

Trim Moustache Scissors & Comb

Description:          Quality stainless steel design for long lasting performance and durability. Straight edge for precise cuts. Comb for styling. ..

BHD 2.000

Trim Nail File Saphire

precision crafted for gentle shaping 2 surfaces to shape and smooth nails long lasting surface ..

BHD 0.500

Trim Toenail Clipper

Description: Precision Ground Edges Cut Even the Toughest Toenails. Professional Quality Product ..

BHD 0.700

Trim Cuticle Nipper

Description:          quality stainless steel design for long lasting performance and durability Easy to clean and carry It will not scratch your nails. ..

BHD 4.200

Trim Nail Clipper No Chain

Description Trim Nail Clipper Drum fingernail clipper with file, clips nails cleanly and evenly every time you use them and it’s precision crafted. ..

BHD 0.350

Trim Emery Boards-10pieces

DESCRIPTION : Quality emery boards to shape and smooth nails. ..

BHD 0.350

Trim Manicure Kit Family

Description: A manicure kit contain: Twizzlers Push Stick Toe Clipper Nail clipper Emery Board. ..

BHD 1.600