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Bs-30m T/b Head Set Sonic Med 4 Color Ring-6024668


BHD 1.600

Easytest Ovulation Test - 7 Units

Description: This self-diagnostic in vitro urine test gives you the 2 most fertile days. EasyTest assesses the presence of Luteinising hormone (LH) in the urine with a strong sensibility and re..

BHD 7.200

Easytest Pregnancy Test 20 Ui / Ml

Self-diagnostic in vitro pregnancy test. EasyTest™ can detect quickly and sensitively in the urine the presence of the pregnancy specific hormone: human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG). The reliability..

BHD 1.200

Tensio Flash Blood Pressure Monitor ( Wrist )

Description: 60 memory storage with date and time stamp allows to review readings with the touch of a button Tested and validated for accuracy Hypertension Indicator advises if your reading exce..

BHD 24.000

Thermoflash Evolution Thermometre Sans Contact

The evolution of the LX-26, first infrared thermometer without contact, for precision more fine and easy operation.  The LX-26 Evolution is equipped with advanced technology MicroSecondFlash ™, a f..

BHD 26.400

Zapix Electronic Anti Lice Comb

Fighting off an invasion of head lice in children is a battle. The traditionnal ritual of treatments are generally effective but messy for the child, the parents and other family members. Today, the..

BHD 7.875

Zapix Special Egg Comb

o fight eggs in children?s when infested hair is a real headache. The treatment rituals and traditional eradicators are overall effective but very constraining for the child, moreover it is scientif..

BHD 5.200