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Canderel Green 40g

DESCRIPTION :  Canderel Sweetness from a Leaf is made with the very finest extract of the Stevia plant to produce the delicious sweet taste of sugar without all those calories. Canderel Gran..

BHD 1.750

Canderel Green Tabs 100's

DESCRIPTION :  Canderel Sweetness from a Leaf Tablets are specially formulated with extracts of the Stevia plant. So you can add the delicious sweetness of sugar to your hot drinks without al..

BHD 1.750

Canderel Tablets 100'

DESCRIPTION :  Canderel tablets dissolve easily in your tea and coffee to give you the delicious sweet taste you love without having to compromise.  Canderel Tablets allow you to add sw..

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Canderel Tablets 300's

DESCRIPTION :  Canderel tablets dissolve easily in your tea and coffee to give you the delicious sweet taste you love without having to compromise.  Canderel Tablets allow you to add sw..

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Canderel Yellow Tab's 200's

DESCRIPTION : Did you know that you can save calories but still enjoy great sweet taste by using Canderel Ideal For Baking Tablets to sweeten your hot drinks? Each tablet is equivalent in sweetnes..

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Health Aid Cider Trim - 90capsules

Description: Cider Trim Capsules may be of benefit to: Those who wish to lose weight Those who wish to maintain weight loss Those who wish to boost their metabolism ..

BHD 6.000

Herbal Slimming Tea - Natural

HERBAL SLIMMING TEA - NATURAL 100% natural herbs which provides a light, delicious caffeine-free beverage that helps achieve results in aiding digestion and contributing to weight loss..

BHD 3.000

Isis Regime Herbal Tea With Mint

DESCRIPTION : Isis Regime Tea Weight reducing Slimming Herbs Loss Blend 25-300  Herbal Tea Bags  No Caffeine  Isis Regime Tea is an all natural weight loss herbal tea. Isis Regim..

BHD 3.400

Lierac Body Slim Triple Action 200 Ml

DESCRIPTION : Body-Slim Triple Action is for women who want a global slimming product that acts on their figure and skin quality and who are seeking a well-defined and flawless figure. It' a body-..

BHD 21.500

Lierac Body-slim Drainage For Dimpled Skin- 100ml


BHD 14.600

Lierac Body-slim Express Body-contouring Program - 100ml

Description: Super-activated gel serum - intensive action The first caffeine-boosting slimming serum for a visible and measured action after 7 days. A major innovation based on the discovery of..

BHD 14.600

Lierac Body-slim Stomach & Waist - 100ml

Description: This refreshing gel-cream specifically targets abdominal fat for a “flat stomach” effect, a refined waist and firmer skin. It contains brown algae extract (1%) for targeted action ..

BHD 16.300

Lierac Body-slim Triple Action Smoothing Body-contouring -200ml

Description: TRIPLE ACTION – SMOOTHING & FIRMING BODY-CONTOURING CONCENTRATE A triple-action body-contouring formula – helps combat the appearance of “dimpled skin”, slackening and excess wat..

BHD 20.700

Pharmaclinix Bumbux Firming & Slimming Cream - 200ml

Description : Bumbux  is the latest scientifically developed slimming & cellulite reducing cream for breasts & buttocks. It contains a unique blend of plant extracts, herbs, vitamins ..

BHD 25.700

Vichy Slimming Celludestock Advanced Slimming Care - 200ml

Description: In partnership with a hospital-based nutritional doctor, Laboratoires Vichy have proven that this treatment can accelerate the slimming effects of a balanced diet on diet-resistant ar..

BHD 18.325

Vichy Slimming Complete Action Anti-stretch Mark Cream - 200ml

Description: Rich in silicon, nourishing plant oils and Hydroxyproline, the Anti-Stretch mark cream offers both double performance care, both corrective and preventive: - By helping the skin to li..

BHD 18.150