Woodward's Gripe Water 150ml

Woodward's Gripe Water  150ml

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Benefits ... Infants always suffer from colic and frequent gas and stomach problems that cause diarrhea and constipation and then the mother resort to buy a lot of drugs and have negative side effects appear with time and today we will talk about something that works effectively on The treatment of colic, gas and bloating problems that affect the baby permanently and is a strange water and is a very well known product long ago and the first produced by a British company called "Woodwards" in the middle of the nineteenth century was initially forbidden to drink strange water because The British in the Middle Ages were introducing kohl with the ingredient Because it was believed to be working to calm the baby, but after it has been re-manufactured and now it does not contain any proportion of eyeliner and has become one of the most dangerous treatments that have no risk to the health of the baby where it can be used without consulting a doctor and a strange water is widespread In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and in Iraq for forty years and although it is known in some Arab countries, there are other countries do not know anything about him and appeared after several types of strange water and components of water is very safe for the health of children because it is composed of natural herbs and Is known for its benefits, and today we through this article will talk about strange water and For the many benefits that will make it the perfect choice for your child follow us.


Ingredients: Sodium bicarbonate, ginger, clove, dill, fennel, chrysanthemum, chamomile, cinnamon, mint, cardamom, fructose sugar, cumin oil.

What are the medical conditions in which:
- Intestinal colic affecting infants
- Allam that affects the child when teething
- Persistent hiccups in children and gastric ulcer

Benefits: Western water has several benefits due to its natural herbs and we will mention these benefits now

Benefits of relieving abdominal pain: As mentioned earlier, the baby feels very cramped and works well on colic therapy because it contains cumin and is the main ingredient responsible for relieving colic pain.

Useful in the expulsion of gases: contains strange water on the oil of mint known as the expulsion of gases and also relieve abdominal pain.

Benefit in relieving the pain of teething: Of course, it is known that the child at the time of teething feels very severe pain and strange water works well solve this problem because it contains cloves known for its benefits in reducing the pain of teeth.

Benefit in calming the baby: Always the mother suffers that the child does not sleep well and cry for long periods, but strange water works to solve this problem as it calms the baby and helps him to sleep and rest quickly.

Usefulness in the treatment of acidity of the stomach: Strange water works to reduce the acidity of the stomach caused by the re-incidence of children.

What is the appropriate dose for the child: The dose that should be taken by the child of strange water is different for the age and weight of the child, but in general takes the infant half a teaspoon of strange water from three to five times a day.

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله أنا أم عبدالعزيز من السعودية ممكن أطلب ماء غريب للسعودية ويوصلني عن طريق الشحن

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